Delegates’ opportunity to network at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising


Monday 10 October 2016 will see the informal opening of this year’s International conference. Starting at 19:00 and finishing at 21:00 delegates will be able to meet up for the first time and get to know each other at an amazing venue – Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, which features  over 12,000 original items from the unique Robert Opie Collection.  The museum also demonstrates how well-loved brands evolved through their creative use of packaging and advertising – and how we evolved with them.

This feels like the perfect venue for us all to meet up and start talking about what we hope to get out this year’s conference and hear from some key note speakers across the UK Government and Civil Service.

Full details will be sent out with delegates joining instructions.

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International colleagues to network at an iconic London landmark

walkie talkie building

On Tuesday 11th October of the 2016 International Conference, delegates will have the opportunity to network and continue the day’s discussions in an informal setting at one of London’s most iconic buildings.

20 Fenchurch Street, known locally as the Walkie-Talkie building was designed in 2004 by Rafael Viñoly, the world-renowned Uruguayan architect based in New York City. With his distinctive design, it is stunning on a purely aesthetic level.

The 38-storey building is the fifth tallest completed building in the City of London, providing 690,000 sq foot of office space and with floor plates increasing in size as the floors go up. It is occupied by some of the world’s leading-edge, global businesses, such as DWF, the law firm generously sponsoring the reception.

Hilary Ross, Executive Partner (London) – Head of Retail, Food and Hospitality said: “This conference is a fantastic opportunity for international colleagues working on regulatory reform to network and share best practice. The Tuesday evening reception is an exciting opportunity for DWF to play host to such an array of talent from across the world.”

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12 Study visits arranged for delegates booked on the 2016 conference


Following on from the success of the 2014 conference, we have arranged 15 study visits that will happen for Wednesday 12 October.  Delegates will be able to attend any one of the following choices:

  1. This visit has been withdrawn
  2. Protection of Intellectual Property
  3. Use of standards to deliver outcomes
  4. Sustainable Fisheries Management
  5. Assuring safety of Meat and Poultry
  6. Public Health at Airports
  7. Modernising Health and Safety
  8. Advertising self-regulation
  9. Product safety and ease of moving goods across borders
  10. Protecting the Environment – Waste and recycling
  11. Pharmaceutical regulation
  12. This visit has been withdrawn
  13. This visit has been withdrawn
  14. Securing animal health and welfare in transport
  15. Protection of precious metals

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Inspection Reform: Breaking down barriers to trade and investment

If you are thinking about attending the October 2016 conference then why not find out a bit more about the conference we held back in September 2014?

The then Better Regulation Delivery Office along with the World Bank Group hosted ‘Inspection Reform: Breaking Down Barriers to Trade and Investment’ conference. This conference gave delegates an opportunity to explore together ways in which the regulatory environment can be strengthened to create trade and investment opportunities.

We believe that by working with partners from across the world we make sure those same approaches are applied, whether it is in the UK, or in our partner countries.  The UK Government is committed to working to improve global standards of trade and competitiveness and we know that by working with regulators and with business we can create a business environment that works for everybody.

Click on the video below which has more information about what was achieved in the 2014 conference:

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RD technical assistance helps simplify the regulatory landscape in the Philippines

One of the many reasons delegates from around the world attend our international conference is to draw on the skills and experience of people there to help deliver better regulatory outcomes.

Regulatory Delivery (RD) has recently delivered training with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) colleagues in the Philippines, using our own experience from the UK Red Tape Challenge and better regulation initiatives, to support the Philippines own Project Repeal. The benefits of this collaborative approach and drawing on international expertise resulted in 8 relevant departments in the Government of the Philippines getting approval to revoke or repeal 3,959 outdated and irrelevant rules and regulations.

Leonina Mendoza Morillo, Economic Advisor, British Embassy Manila says:

“Being able to call on RD experts at the right time helped the FCO provide practical and expert support to efforts in the region. This includes engagement with the Government of the Philippines, making the UK a close partner to on-going reforms that will not only benefit local businesses but also British business seeking to export, trade and invest in the country. Working together in this effort resulted in repeal of 3,942 outdated and irrelevant rules and regulations and amendment other restrictive laws. We are now looking at further partnerships to make a bigger impact on regulatory reform.”

Bringing people together from across the world to attend this conference and share their experiences really can make a difference when shaping business environments for global growth and prosperity.

Two countries compare different approaches to risk for better regulatory outcomes

Image for risk based approaches

Helen Kirkman and Kathryn Preece from the UK Government Regulatory Delivery directorate recently attended the Business Environment Forum in Washington DC, organised by the World Bank Group’s Investment Climate Practice. Three days of interesting and inspiring speakers and discussions reinforced for us the huge value of bringing together those who are working to reform and improve the business experience of regulation all over the world – working in countries and contexts that are very different but where much of the same learning can be applied.

Helen teamed up with Taneem Ahad of the World Bank Group’s Washington office to present a workshop in which we compared and contrasted risk-based approaches in two countries that have very different levels of regulatory capacity: the UK and Nepal. The session, which focused on risk-based regulation in food safety, generated a lot of interest and discussion. It was clear throughout the three days that ‘risk’ is a concept that is of fundamental importance to much of the work that is being done in many countries.

We encountered a lot of interest in the October 2016 conference in London – ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’. Those who had attended the successful 2014 conference were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to share the progress that has been made over the past two years and to learn from others and share with colleagues the benefits of good regulatory delivery. For further information and to book your place at ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’ please keep looking at our blog and comment if you have ideas about discussion topics you would like covered at conference.



Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity 11th – 13th October 2016

UK Regulatory Delivery, formerly the Better Regulation Delivery Office, is delighted to announce the date of the third international regulatory delivery conference, delivered in partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, World Bank Group, DFID and the OECD. The conference is designed for all countries wishing to develop their regulatory environment to increase trade and investment opportunities, provide certainty and confidence to business and generate global growth and prosperity.

Watch our video to find out more about why delegates from across the world should attend this conference.
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Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity

Welcome to the UK Government 2016 Regulatory Delivery International Conference – ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’.

2016 will be the third international conference that Regulatory Delivery will has organised, following successes in 2012 and 2014  which attracted over 230 delegates from 57 countries! Since the successful 2014 conference much progress has been made in developing regulatory environments around the world to provide businesses with the confidence to trade, grow and prosper. 2016 presents an opportunity to share these developments and learn from each other.

One exciting development of our own has been the creation of Regulatory Delivery on 1st April 2016. As a directorate within the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Regulatory Delivery brings together the experience and expertise of the Better Regulation Delivery Office and the National Measurement and Regulation Office to focus on both regulatory design and enforcement. Led by Graham Russell, Regulatory Delivery will continue to be a leading voice and now practitioner in the benefits that good regulatory delivery can have in creating environments in which businesses have the confidence to grow and prosper.

Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity  is organised by Regulatory Delivery and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), in conjunction with our partners from the World Bank Group, OECD and the UK Department for International Development’s IFUSE programme. The conference will provide delegates with an opportunity to engage with regional peers and international colleagues as well as share ways in which regulatory developments have improved the business environment in your country. It will bring together a range of experts, practitioners and policy makers from around the world  to create a forum for continued engagement and learning.