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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) promotes the UK’s interest overseas, supporting UK citizens and businesses around the globe.

One of the FCO’s priorities is to build the UK’s prosperity by increasing exports and investment, opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth.

Regulatory Delivery (RD) works in partnership with FCO embassies and consulates around the world to help achieve this priority and ensure the UK plays a leading role in global growth and development. Over the last year, RD has worked with the FCO in countries such as India, Colombia and Vietnam, where UK support has assisted in the development of regulatory and business environments that promote business growth and prosperity.

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The World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice helps countries achieve the World Bank Group’s goals of ending extreme poverty and  boosting shared prosperity – through rapid and broad-based economic growth centred on private sector development. It brings together policy advice, technical expertise and financial assistance to support the full spectrum of high impact solutions ranging from creating a conducive business environment, expanding market opportunities, enhancing private sector competitiveness, and developing dynamic economies.

Regulatory Delivery (RD) has worked with the World Bank Group for many years to deliver technical assistance overseas. Over the last year, RD has worked with the WBG in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Morocco on a range of projects supporting global growth and prosperity.

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The UK Department for International Development’s, Investment Facility for Utilising UK Specialist Expertise (IFUSE) which coordinates specialist government to government expertise to support business environment improvement in priority countries.

One of the areas of expertise that IFUSE offers is Regulatory Reform and RD are the main partner who deliver this work. RD work with IFUSE and partner countries to review regulatory frameworks and the structure of regulatory agencies, inspections reform and work with business to enable effective regulatory implementation.

Regulatory Delivery has worked with DFID IFUSE since it began and over the past year RD has worked with delegations from Zambia, Somaliland and Egypt.

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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) works to promote the economic and social well-being of people around the world. Working with international governments, the OECD promotes policies and standards that support economic growth and development of emerging economies. International Regulatory Co-operation (IRC) is a key development supported by the OECD that encourages trade and investment, reduces costs for governments, business and citizens and strengthens social benefits of globalisation.

RD works closely with the OECD to develop regulatory environments that reflect IRC aims, stimulating collaboration, shared learning and dialogue.’

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