From the protection of precious metals to self regulation -where there is still time to register

Study visits

On Wednesday 12 October delegates at our conference will be attending 1 of 12 different study visits. This week we want to feature 3 of these visits where there is still time to register.

Advertising self-regulation

Each year, the public sees many millions of advertisements, direct marketing and promotions whether through print media or increasingly through online and digital means. All advertising should, no matter how or where it appears should be legal, decent, honest and truthful. Delegates will visit a major advertising agency together with the Advertising Association, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Clearcast the advertising pre approval body for broadcast advertising, the Advertising Standards Authority which ensures compliance with the advertising codes and Trading Standards who provide a legal backstop function to learn how the code rules are set and delivered.

Pharmaceutical regulation

Regulations and controls around pharmaceutical products are rigorously enforced to ensure consumer safety and maintain public trust in pharmaceutical products and those who sell them. Delegates will visit a major pharmaceutical producer with the Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Proprietary Association of GB to understand how pharmaceutical products are brought to market and controlled.

Protection of precious metals

The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office is where hallmarking began over 700 years ago. Delegates will have the opportunity to visit the world famous Grade 1 listed Goldsmiths’ Hall and London assay office in conjunction with a local authority enforcement expert to understand how the UK hallmarking system protects buyers, sellers and consumers in their transactions in precious metals.

Register attendance at one of the following through EventBrite.


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