RD technical assistance helps simplify the regulatory landscape in the Philippines

One of the many reasons delegates from around the world attend our international conference is to draw on the skills and experience of people there to help deliver better regulatory outcomes.

Regulatory Delivery (RD) has recently delivered training with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) colleagues in the Philippines, using our own experience from the UK Red Tape Challenge and better regulation initiatives, to support the Philippines own Project Repeal. The benefits of this collaborative approach and drawing on international expertise resulted in 8 relevant departments in the Government of the Philippines getting approval to revoke or repeal 3,959 outdated and irrelevant rules and regulations.

Leonina Mendoza Morillo, Economic Advisor, British Embassy Manila says:

“Being able to call on RD experts at the right time helped the FCO provide practical and expert support to efforts in the region. This includes engagement with the Government of the Philippines, making the UK a close partner to on-going reforms that will not only benefit local businesses but also British business seeking to export, trade and invest in the country. Working together in this effort resulted in repeal of 3,942 outdated and irrelevant rules and regulations and amendment other restrictive laws. We are now looking at further partnerships to make a bigger impact on regulatory reform.”

Bringing people together from across the world to attend this conference and share their experiences really can make a difference when shaping business environments for global growth and prosperity.


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