Two countries compare different approaches to risk for better regulatory outcomes

Image for risk based approaches

Helen Kirkman and Kathryn Preece from the UK Government Regulatory Delivery directorate recently attended the Business Environment Forum in Washington DC, organised by the World Bank Group’s Investment Climate Practice. Three days of interesting and inspiring speakers and discussions reinforced for us the huge value of bringing together those who are working to reform and improve the business experience of regulation all over the world – working in countries and contexts that are very different but where much of the same learning can be applied.

Helen teamed up with Taneem Ahad of the World Bank Group’s Washington office to present a workshop in which we compared and contrasted risk-based approaches in two countries that have very different levels of regulatory capacity: the UK and Nepal. The session, which focused on risk-based regulation in food safety, generated a lot of interest and discussion. It was clear throughout the three days that ‘risk’ is a concept that is of fundamental importance to much of the work that is being done in many countries.

We encountered a lot of interest in the October 2016 conference in London – ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’. Those who had attended the successful 2014 conference were particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to share the progress that has been made over the past two years and to learn from others and share with colleagues the benefits of good regulatory delivery. For further information and to book your place at ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’ please keep looking at our blog and comment if you have ideas about discussion topics you would like covered at conference.



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