Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity

Welcome to the UK Government 2016 Regulatory Delivery International Conference – ‘Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity’.

2016 will be the third international conference that Regulatory Delivery will has organised, following successes in 2012 and 2014  which attracted over 230 delegates from 57 countries! Since the successful 2014 conference much progress has been made in developing regulatory environments around the world to provide businesses with the confidence to trade, grow and prosper. 2016 presents an opportunity to share these developments and learn from each other.

One exciting development of our own has been the creation of Regulatory Delivery on 1st April 2016. As a directorate within the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Regulatory Delivery brings together the experience and expertise of the Better Regulation Delivery Office and the National Measurement and Regulation Office to focus on both regulatory design and enforcement. Led by Graham Russell, Regulatory Delivery will continue to be a leading voice and now practitioner in the benefits that good regulatory delivery can have in creating environments in which businesses have the confidence to grow and prosper.

Shaping Business Environments for Global Growth and Prosperity  is organised by Regulatory Delivery and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), in conjunction with our partners from the World Bank Group, OECD and the UK Department for International Development’s IFUSE programme. The conference will provide delegates with an opportunity to engage with regional peers and international colleagues as well as share ways in which regulatory developments have improved the business environment in your country. It will bring together a range of experts, practitioners and policy makers from around the world  to create a forum for continued engagement and learning.


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